Who is Sarah Peters?

I’m from Niagara Falls by way of Oshawa ON and I Live With Three boys

[Two sons, one very patient husband]


  • My family and friends (they’re uber supportive)
  • Pop Culture (movies/shows/books from the late 80’s, all 90’s, and most of the 2000’s)
  • The Marvel Universe (characters have personality, plus Wolverine is Canadian, nuff said)
  • Travelling (I honestly haven’t done a lot of it but it sounds fun and I’d like to do more)
  • Photography (It’d be weird if I didn’t)
  • Reading (a bit of everything but I do have my faves)
  • Shopping (I’m a little obsessed)
  • Food (mostly in the junk category, always on the hunt for a good pizza)
  • Paul Rudd (seriously, he’s awesome)

What I Offer You

Simple photography at an affordable price. I try to make things fun and candid so everyone enjoys their experience, you end up with more images, and maybe you’ll think of me again!