From the big to the small I’ll try to capture it all (no more rhymes I promise). If you’re hiring me to capture a moment, whether it’s a wedding, your family, or any other event, it’s obviously something special and important…otherwise you wouldn’t need me. I will take the time to make sure everything is captured for you to look back and say “hey remember when….”


The big one! Weddings are a big deal, there’s a lot of planning, different people are involved, and it only lasts one day. You want to be able to look back at these moments 10, 20, even 50 years from now and think….”OMG look at your hair!”,“I’m so glad I chose that dress”, or “who invited that guy?”. Even though I’m just one person I will work diligently during your big day and in the end you’ll be given all the edited images to print and share however you want. Although I’m sure you’re awesome and we’ll become BFFs I don’t need to keep all your pictures while you only get a few prints…your pictures are yours.


No matter what stage of family life you happen to be in, I will make sure you remember these special times. If you’re pregnant, just had a baby, already have a couple of kids, or looking to update your parent’s family album, contact me for fun family sessions without portrait studio type backdrops or props. I try to keep things a little more simple, more candid, and natural. I don’t have a studio, the majority of my shoots occur outdoors. Whether it’s rainy, sunny, or even snowy, if you’re up for the challenge so am I. If you just had a baby and prefer a more intimate setting I don’t mind making house calls to capture your little one in his/her own environment.


You guys are super in love and want to show it off with posts on whatever social media you use or in frames around your house….love it! I won’t make you too posed (there’s usually a little direction but nothing too formal) or too uncomfortable. As long as you’re both willing participants (**cough cough** guys) things will flow naturally and you’re shoot will be that much more fun (plus you’ll end up with that many more images). Whether it’s just a lovey dovey shoot, or an engagement session, it’ll be good times.


Need a head shot? A new profile pic? Some other kind of promotional pictures? Well I can do that. I try to think outside the box and give you something other than the “stare into the camera while wearing a blazer” kind of look. If you have ideas bring them with you and I’ll work with your vision.


Have a business and need pictures of the items you sell? Let me help promote your store and merchandise….it’s a lot easier than taking pictures of kids.


Hosting a fundraiser? A Birthday party? Anniversary? Some kind of bash?  I’ll be the annoying photographer so you and your guests can just sit back and enjoy. I will get that picture of the cake on your one year old’s face, the dancing at your company’s gala, or all the fun hanging out pictures before the real fun starts at your bachelorette.

All shoots come with the edited, high res, images sent via email or you can pick up a disc (additional charge for delivery or mail**). Because each photo shoot is different, pricing will vary. Please contact me to discuss the type of session you are looking for so I can work with you to give you the best price possible. Since I am based out of Niagara Falls, any sessions that require me to travel outside this area will be subject to a travel fee.

**With the exception of weddings, I don’t mind the cost of postage to ship these out to you.**