Found Wonderland, Got Lost in It

Found Wonderland, Got Lost in It
August 25, 2016 Sarah Peters

I have been wanting to put this Alice in Wonderland tea party photo shoot together for awhile and I finally found the time! It was a super hot summer day and dragging all the props to a random spot in a park in Niagara Falls Ontario was definitely not fun, but once everything was together I was super excited. With help from some local vendors with the decor and tea snacks, plus clothing from thrift stores and my own closet, it was all more than I imagined in my mind. Alice was played by the daughter of a friend of mine, and the Mad Hatter was my own offspring. The kids had so much fun with this shoot…it wasn’t even a struggle to get them to be part of it. Cosplay is definitely something I find fun and for their first experience, these two pulled it off wonderfully. I have always loved the whimsical and nonsense imagery of the story, and of course the tea party is always a favourite with so many people…and let’s be honest, the easiest to recreate. I wanted to bring this part of the story to life and just try something I’ve never done before with my photography. I am so happy with how it all came together and for the help from everyone involved.

Decor (excluding tea stuffs):Joani Wedding Decor

Tea Stuffs: Gwen’s TeasFacebook Link Gwen’s Teas

Treats: Sugar and Slice

Huge thank you to these amazing Niagara vendors. Please visit their pages and contact them if you are in need of any of their services.


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