Rustic Rockabilly Romance

Rustic Rockabilly Romance
July 27, 2015 Sarah Peters

Simple, vintage, rustic, super fun, these and so many more adjectives only begin to set the feeling of this wedding. The setting is the always charming and picturesque area of Ball’s Falls in the Niagara area. With it’s old buildings, open fields, and glowing sunsets, there is more than enough to create the perfect images of a Bride and Groom on their big day. Darko and Victoria’s wedding was no exception. Every last detail was planned perfectly, from the decor, to the food, to the music, the guests were not disappointed. Side note….the food trucks were a total crowd pleaser. I mean come on, chicken wings and poutine as a main course, way better than stuffed chicken and mashed potatoes. Even into the late hours of the evening the energy didn’t stop. Everyone was on the dance floor laughing, moving, grooving, and just having a genuine good time! I was so excited to have been part of this special day….congratulations Darko and Victoria.

Catering provided by 494 Catering

Cupcakes provided by Above and Beyond Cupcakes



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