Took a Little Trip to Arendelle….No Big Deal….

Took a Little Trip to Arendelle….No Big Deal….
July 26, 2015 Sarah Peters

I’ve done a lot of photo shoots in my short time as a photographer, family ones, weddings, babies, events, your standard portfolio builders. Don’t get me wrong, I love these jobs, they’re fun and I love being a part of people’s special moments…even if it’s just a few hours. Recently I started thinking though, where can I look for something new, that haven’t I seen before. The answer came from my husband, it was so simple, Cosplay!

For those who don’t know Cosplay is basically when people dress up as a character from a comic, movie, show, or another form of pop culture. It’s very popular, especially among the comic world, and the costumes are always super awesome. Cosplayers are very dedicated to their characters and are some of the funnest people around. So when Kevan suggested I reach out to the Cosplay community in Niagara and offer a free session or two I totally went for it. One of the community members who took me up on the offer (Gina) has been involved with Cosplay for ten years and is very active in it. We discussed some options of characters for her to dress up as and I was a little excited when she mentioned dressing as Anna from Frozen. I happen to have a five year old who has seen the movie pretty much a million times (and therefore I have also seen it a million times). So I knew he’d love to see pictures of the real life Anna.

We were able to work out the shoot so that it would take place after one of the princess parties she does so that we could also have an Elsa (Katelyn)…I mean seriously, what’s an Anna without her sister? I love how this shoot came out and I am so thankful to these two for not only helping me  pad my portfolio with something a little different, but also for dressing up in fancy heavy dresses on a super hot summer day!

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