Photo/Blog Project: Self Portrait

Photo/Blog Project: Self Portrait
January 8, 2018 Sarah Peters

This year I want to step outside my typical posting comfort zone and do something different. Usually I post photos from family shoots, weddings, engagements, and anything else I pick up along the way. What I don’t do a lot of is blogging and sharing who I am…and really, don’t you want to know a little more about the person you’re asking to capture the important moments of your life? So for 52 weeks, I am going to TRY and pick a different subject to photograph, and then write about how this fits into the behind the scenes life of Sarah Peters Photography.

So here goes….

Week 1: 2018 Goals and Self Portrait

A new year is upon us so let’s start at the beginning (a very good place to start…or so I’ve heard). I won’t bore you with tons of back story and details, let’s just go with what I hope to achieve with my business this coming year, and maybe a little of what I hope to accomplish personally.

I had a great 2017, I met a lot of new people, I traveled a little further than just around the Niagara Region, and I learned a lot about what works for my business and lifestyle. In 2018 I want to reach even more people by making sure to update my website more, promoting myself to a more niche market (I’m thinking elopements more than big weddings), and trying to spread my name to other Ontario cities (within driving distance) so I can spread my name around more. As mentioned earlier, I want to write more blogs. I want to give you, the audience, more substance when you visit my site. Pictures are fun to look at sure, but sometimes it’s nice to get a glimpse inside the person’s head and see if they’re going to mesh with you when, and if, you decide to hire them.

I love having personal projects to work on, and I definitely have a few ideas of fun things I can keep myself busy with this year. I love trying to step out of the traditional photo shoot box and come up with something that has more of a story and give me a bit more of a challenge. Plus some of the ideas requires a “casting call”, and therefore I get to meet new people…always something I enjoy doing.

In terms of personal goals, mostly I want to be more present with my family. Photography life means I tend to be absent on weekends, and I want to make sure I maintain a good balance of photo shoots and family activities. My boys are still young and are at a stage where they still want to spend time with me, I need to take advantage of that now before they become moody, “too cool for Mom”, teenagers. I want to spend a balanced amount of time with work, as well as with the people I love.

Putting these self portraits up for everyone to see is definitely not easy, we are all our own worst critic, and I am no exception. Putting them up here, for anyone to come across, and critique at any time, is terrifying. I post silly selfies all the time on social media, but I feel like these pictures are different. In a way they seem more real, more personal, maybe even a little forced. Hopefully they show you who I am….serious, silly, fun, and comfortable with a camera in hand.

Can’t wait to see what this year holds!


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